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:: Information on Commissioning Original Artwork

I complete several commissions a year for a wide variety of spaces. Many of my commissions are larger works or varying shapes sizes and materials. The following is a brief outline of the process I use:

1. Work with client to choose a size/format/material
Works which require exceptional types of material such as stone inlay, metal objects, or found materials can be very interesting ;-)

2. Brainstorm concepts with client
I work with you to brainstorm concepts and come up with initial ideas.

3.Mockup and Review
Once a dialogue is established and we have brainstormed concepts I can begin the process of creating mockups. I create three to four rough sketches as possibilities.

4.Final Delivery
Completed works are delivered, picked up in person, or shipped.

If you would like more specific information on commissioning artwork please contact me at: kolehicks@hotmail.com